Sea, land, and bird life are abundant on the Kodiak Island archipelago and the Katmai coast. Animals you may see include bear, red fox, short-tailed weasel (ermine,) little brown bats, tundra vole, and river otters. Introduced species include snowshoe hare, mountain goat, Sitka black-tailed deer, artic ground squirrel, Roosevelt elk, muskrat, red squirrel, and beaver. Marine mammals include steller sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, and whale species such as Fin, minke, humpback, killer (orca,) and gray whales.

If you are a bird watcher, Kodiak is the place for you! Common birds include fox sparrows, golden-crowned kinglets, winter wrens, pine siskin, water pipits, and rock willow ptarmigan. Large numbers of bald eagles can be spotted along the Kodiak waterfront. Sea birds, ducks, and geese are everywhere; including stellar’s and king eider, old squaw and harlequin dicks, horned and tufted puffins, and black-legged kittiwakes.