Tour Duration: 4 – 5 Hours


  • Snacks
  • Drinks (water, coffee, soda)
  • Hip waders
  • Bear viewing guide

Join us on a spectacular 4 hour V.I.P. experience that provides you the opportunity to witness the incredible sights of Kodiak and Afognak Islands, the Alaskan Peninsula, and/or the Katmai National Park area. Sit back and let our experienced bush pilots take you on a tour of Kodiak’s natural beauty and wildlife that you will never forget.

Bear viewing is the focal point of this tour, and of many peoples’ trips to Alaska. Let us fly you to a remote spot where you will be able to view Alaska’s brown bears. You will be amazed as you watch these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Kodiak is famous for its massive population of huge brown bears, estimated in the thousands.

Your trip will include a guide to accompany you on the ground, hip boots, snacks, and beverages. Come join us for a fantastic ride showcasing the splendor of Alaska! Our pilots and guides will do their best to give you quality service and an adventure of a lifetime. How many bears you see and in what fashion can very with each trip. We keep careful track of where the most bear activity is throughout the summer months and will take you to whichever location is performing at its best.

Remember, Andrew Airways is happy to customize any of our packages. Give us a call and let you know what specifications you might desire. We would love to work with you and put together an Alaskan tour, or complete experience, that you will talk about for years to come.