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Whatever adventure or transportation you are looking for, Andrew Airways, Inc. has the perfect trip for you.

With the combined flying experience of owner, Dean Andrew and his seasoned pilots, we have been flying the Kodiak Archipelago and the Alaskan Peninsula for over 60 years. For service and convenience to our customers, our fleet consists of three DHC-2 De Havilland Beavers, one Turbine Beaver, one Cessna 206 and two Piper Saratogas.

Andrew Airways holds the key to the finest adventure trips in Kodiak. Let us help you arrange your next adventure in the great outdoors of Alaska – Famous Kodiak Bear Viewing adventures, glacier and volcano flights, hunting and fishing excursions, river floats, Kodiak Island flightseeing tours, and much more. All of these amazing trips will provide a once in a lifetime excitement and experience.

Our aircraft literally touch all corners of the Kodiak Archipelago on a daily basis. Our pilots, boasting a total of 60 years of Alaskan flying experience, keep constant vigilance on the locations of the magnificent wildlife that inhabit Kodiak, the Alaska Peninsula, and the adjacent islands. Whether you are a hunter, a fisherman, a wild-life enthusiast, a sightseer, or are simply looking for a new adventure, we have the perfect trip for you.

For more information about the incredible adventures you can have with Andrew Airways, please e-mail us at or call us at (907) 487-2566.

Kodiak Alaska is full of incredible scenery, amazing animal experiences, and opportunities for unique excursions not found in other wilderness adventures!  At Andrew Airways, we offer excursions to reach your every curiosity including visits to glaciers and volcanoes, scenic flights of Kodiak and Afognak islands, adventurous bear viewing, and much much more! Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Take a look at our great tour packages!


500 Trident Way 

Kodiak, Alaska

Tel: (907) 487-2566

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