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The Kodiak Archipelago is 177 miles long, comprising of at least 26 different islands, the largest of which is Kodiak. Kodiak Island, known as the Emerald Island for its verdant mountains and lush vegetation stands apart from most of Alaska. A warm ocean current, labeled the “Japanese Current”, affects Kodiak’s climate and ecology.

The city of Kodiak, population 13,000, is located on the northeast side Kodiak Island. There are only 40 miles of road to drive once you make it to Kodiak, but several million acres of wilderness that you can only see from the air. Let us show you what Kodiak has to offer.

The island undergoes a dramatic change in vegetation from its northern end to its southern end. On the north end, are the magnificent old growth forests of Sitka Spruce. The trees arrived to the island 800 years ago and are slowly migrating south at a mile every 100 years. As you head south, the spruce trees disappear, to be replaced by cottonwood forests, grassland, low brush and open tundra.


Kodiak hosts a variety of fascinating geographic features: glaciers, waterfalls cascading into the ocean, silvery granite ridges, pristine blue alpine lakes and massive cliff faces meeting the ocean. Two bodies of water, the Shelikof Strait to the west and the Gulf of Alaska to the east border the Kodiak Archipelago. Flying over these, you might see: fin whales and humpback whales feeding, orcas (killer whales), sea lions, and massive flocks of sea birds as they feed on migrating fish. While flying overland, you might see mountain goats, bears, Sitka black-tail deer, otters and eagles.


We can show you the islands like you’ve never seen them before; or, if you are a first time visitor, arrange a scenic tour that will show the best Kodiak has to offer. We also do custom tours, including stops to the rural villages around Kodiak to see historic sites, such as the Russian Orthodox churches and old canneries. There are endless sites to see and endless options for creating unique, custom trips.

Tour Duration: Approximately 2.5 Hours (or create a custom tour)



  • Experienced Pilot

  • Guide (if requested)

  • Snacks

  • Drinks (Water, Soda, Coffee)

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