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Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Birch and Tiffany Robbins

PO Box 888 Kodiak, AK 99615



“We are very fortunate to have developed a strong relationship with Andrew Airways. In the mid 1980’s, my parents moved our family to this remote piece of property on Raspberry Island, accessible only by air or boat. My folks professionally built our lodge and outbuildings to meld with the environment yet take advantage of the breathtaking views of Raspberry and nearby Afognak Islands, and the clear and cold Pacific Ocean in between. Purchasing the lodge from my parents in 2008, my wife Tiffany, our two kids Fisher and Sage and I now host guests from around the world interested in fresh and saltwater fishing, sea kayaking, hiking and bear viewing in remote Kodiak. We speciallize in each of these activities and every adventure is fully guided and outfitted. Our spacious main lodge is the central gathering point where guests can relax and enjoy hors d’oeuvres while Tiffany and team prepare each meal, or where they may recline in our comfortable lounge, reminiscing on the day or past trips to Raspberry Island. It is common to spot Bald Eagles, Sea Otters and even occasionally whales, bears and other wildlife from the lodge. After an enjoyable meal, often featuring local Alaskan Seafood, guests may retire to our outdoor jetted hot tub, sauna and their private guest cabins in preparation for the following day’s activities.

Andrew Airways has been instrumental to flying our guests from Kodiak City out to our lodge. They handle every moment after our guests arrive into Kodiak City Aiport, picking them up, arrange any stops while in Kodiak and then fly them out to Raspberry. They operate outstanding aircraft for bush Alaska, and their pilots and crew are top notch. As year round residents on Raspberry Island, we continue to rely on Andrew Airways to fly our supplies and our family back and forth to Kodiak during our winter off season.

Aside from transporting our guests, we find it very convenient to utilize Andrew Airways for all of our fly out bear viewing and fly out fishing guests. They know where the bears are and the flight to them is often as spectacular as seeing these animals up close. We like including these trips into our packages because they are true wilderness experiences–flying into remote parts of Alaska, landing in the ocean or remote lake and viewing Brown Bears up close and personal, in their own enviornment. Andrew Airways’ pilots and guides are true pros and the fly out bear view is a huge addition to what we can offer. We always recommend this experience to anyone considering a trip to Kodiak.

We highly recommend Andrew Airways if you plan on traveling to this area. Our business and our family rely on them significantly, and are never let down.

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