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Here at Andrew Airways, we have a variety of Bear Viewing packages ranging from 4-5 hours to full-day experiences. Our bear viewing areas on Kodiak and Katmai National Park (the Alaskan mainland) are known for their dense populations of magnificent Coastal Brown Bears. Scroll down for more details on our unique tours and to find the right one for you!

Tour Duration: 4 – 5 Hours



  • Highly Experienced Pilot

  • Professional guide

  • Snacks

  • Drinks (water, coffee, soda)

  • Hip waders


Join us on a spectacular 4-5 hour V.I.P. experience that provides you the opportunity to witness the incredible sights of Kodiak and Afognak Islands, the Alaskan Peninsula, and the Katmai National Park area. Sit back and let our Bush Pilots take you on a tour to experience Kodiak’s natural beauty and wildlife to provide you with an experience that you will never forget.

You wanted to see Bears? We’ve got them! Bears are the focus on this tour and we take you to the spots that have the wildlife that you want to see. Let us fly you to a remote spot where you will be able to view Alaska’s brown bears. You will be amazed as you watch these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Kodiak and the Katmai Coast are famous for their massive populations of huge brown bears, estimated in the thousands!

Your trip will include a guide to accompany you on the ground, hip boots, snacks, and beverages. Come join us for a fantastic ride highlighting the splendor of Alaska! Our pilots and guides will give you quality service and an adventure of a lifetime. The number of bears you see and in what fashion can vary with each trip, after all, this is nature! We keep careful track of where the most bear activity is throughout the summer months and will take you to whichever location is performing at its best.

Remember, Andrew Airways is happy to customize any of our packages. Give us a call and let us know what you may desire. We would love to work with you and put together an Alaskan tour, or complete vacation experience that will be the talk at the dinner table for years to come!

Room #1:
2 Queen Beds, Ocean View, Internet & Cable
Room #2:
1 Full & 1 Twin Bed, Internet & Cable
Kitchenette: Fully stocked dishes including do it yourself breakfast items, coffee, tea, etc. 1 Bath, Private Access and access to washer and dryer.

Contact: (503) 593-1089 or (503) 545-9089

Room #1
Andrew Airways Condo: The Andrew Airways condo includes a fully stocked kitchen as well as a Washer/Dryer. Daily & weekly rates are available. There are two bedrooms (1 with a queen bed | 1 with a full & twin).
Contact: (907) 487-2566

Tour Duration: 8 – 10 Hours



  • Highly Experienced Pilot

  • Box lunch

  • Drinks (water, coffee, soda)

  • Hip waders

What to Bring:

  • Binoculars

  • Comfortable hiking boots

  • Warm clothing (include warm socks!)

  • Rain gear

  • Back pack for carrying water, gear, extra clothing

  • Camera

“Brooks Camp is nestled in the spruce and cottonwood forest between the pumice-lined shore of Naknek Lake and the marshy oxbow area of the Brooks River, world renowned for its resident brown bear population. From the bear viewing platform at Brooks Falls, visitors can watch bears fishing and interacting in their own environment. People quickly develop an awareness of bears in Katmai.” Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska by Jean Bodeau


During the peak of the red, or Sockeye salmon run, around mid July, as many as 12-15 bears may congregate at Brooks Falls and along the Brooks River. This area is closely monitored by the National Park Service to provide a safe environment for bear viewing. There is a half hour safety orientation at the ranger station prior to setting out on the trail.


Trails and walkways guide visitors to the two elevated viewing platforms. During the peak season, one might have to wait to access the upper platform at Brooks Falls. Expect 45 minutes to an hour of hiking time and additional time to access the viewing platforms.


Scenic Aerial Tour

During the 3-4 hour round trip flight to Brooks Camp from Kodiak you will fly over some of the most spectacular scenery in Alaska. From the emerald mountains of Kodiak Island to the glaciated volcanoes and the Valley of 10,000 smokes within Katmai National Park, there are an amazing array of ecosystems and geographic features. Designated a National Monument in 1918, due to its unique geology, the Valley of 10,000 Smokes later became what is now Katmai National Park. One hundred years later, the land continues to amaze and inspire visitors.

July and September

July and September are the best times for bear viewing at Brooks Camp. By mid July, spawning salmon numbers have peaked in the Brooks River. By September, the salmon are beginning to weaken and die, finishing their journey and making easy meals for bears. Before and between these months, bears are on the move, searching for easier meals of sedges, berries, and what the land provides.



For more information about Brooks Camp, Katmai, or the Coastal Brown Bear check out the links below:

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